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Granuals Plant
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Bucket Elevator
Storage Hopper
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 Granuals Plant (Phorat Plant/Carbofuran granuals plant)
  • A unique machine, in which you can formulate homogeneous Quality pesticides / insecticides Granules viz; Phorate, Cartap, Butachlor, chlorpyriphos, Carbofuran, Bio Granules, PGR etc.
  • Unique design for quality Granule formulation.
  • Batch Capacity 0.5 to 2.5 ton
  • Easy to operate & maintain
  • Easy to modify.
 Ribbon Blender :
  • Unique design machine for quality homogeneous mixing different pesticides/
    insecticides viz; Fenvalrate dust, Methyl parathion dust, Quinalphos dust & WP/ WDP Product etc.
  • Good accuracy & Precise Quality.
 Liquid Stirring Vessel
  • Turbine / anchor type stirrer to give homogeneous quality products.
  • Can be used to mix/ formulate different pesticides / insecticides viz; Dimethoate, Monocrotophose, Chlorpyriphos, Cypermethrin etc.
 Booth Mixture machine
 Bucket Elevator
  • Requireds very small ground area.
  • Economical & speedy
  • Easy to transfer / charge the material in to machine or storage silo
 Storage Hopper
  • Sturdy, balanced body, can take required load
  • Flexibility for capacity
  • Twin storage facility in one Weighing systems
 Other Products


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